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Only about a year ago there were very few ‘Environmental Groups and Pages’ on Social Media, created to spread awareness of the many Environmental disasters that befront us, that urgently need our positive action.

Now, in 2019 there are dozens of ‘Environmental Groups and Pages etc’, but the message has now changed. (It is impossible for us not to have kept up to date with Environmental News and/or seen articles like David Attenborough’s ‘Blue Planet 2', so I believe that we are all now aware of the major damage that we are doing, in many different ways.)


The new message now appears to be ‘to ignore all the warnings and suggestions’

and to accept the fact that the greatest threat to our Planet is the belief that ‘Someone else will Save it’.

Appropriate Positive Action needs to happen NOW and it requires us all to work together to make it all happen. The ‘Big Picture’ is ugly, ignored, neglected, unloved and will ultimately herald the extinction of ‘mankind’, as we know it, unless we all take action together NOW.


Many of our ‘Environmental’ problems have been as a result of mankind’s selfishness and above all, ‘greed’. ‘Money’ is behind much of the Planets current devastation!  Getting back on track can only be achieved by appropriate action, taken by the sincerest among us who want to see the beauty and continuance of our wonderful Planet, without expecting financial ‘handouts‘ to achieve it.

Many Social media groups are treating the plight of our fragile Planet as an opportunity to make lots of Money, by charging people for related services and legacies and to ‘donate’ money to false, unrealistic and for unsubstantiated claims that ‘it will help to save our Planet’.

This does not mean that I am against ‘donations’ being paid to appropriate registered charities and/or legal organisations. I consider acceptable retailing to only include sustainable and appropriately priced items, which can replace, for instance, Plastics (including microplastics) and all Palm Oil products etc. I also accept the necessity to plant many more trees and plants, but many can be propagated and seeds planted to reforest our planet, without financial contribution (obviously depending on World location). Without having many Trees and Plants about us, where we live, we are depriving ourselves, families and friends of mandatory ‘Oxygen’ to both, keep us alive and fully focused to tackle all the other ‘Environmental’ disasters that are prominent in our lives.

It is imperative for us all to search out ways that we can show love and care, to treasure our wonderful planet appropriately, for instance, please check out the website : - for further ideas, suggestions and tips.

There are other interesting and informative sources including websites that are able to give unbiased information, but paying for information is not recommended. There are genuine FREE websites out there that can give excellent ideas on how you can be part of the recuperation of your small part of our ‘Planet’ and please don’t just read it, please act on the appropriate learnèd advice

‘Our Fragile Planet’ is a good starting point and it encourages genuine and appropriate feedback and Blogs that can be added ..... to both ‘View’ and ‘Add’ is completely FREE.

Please check it out: -