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Are You Getting Enough??

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

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Of course I meant - ‘OXYGEN’

Is there enough oxygen for a growing population?

An adult human breathes about 7 to 8 litres of air in a minute, while resting. That’s about

11, 000 litres of air a day surging through our lungs, or the volume of a container one metre wide and 11 metres long.

With deforestation and global population on the rise, is there a possibility there might not be enough oxygen for all of us, eventually???


The total oxygen consumption per average human in a day is about 660 litres, weighing less than a kilogram. That doesn’t seem like very much, but we can't really judge without knowing how much is produced.

By comparing human oxygen consumption to the oxygen output of a fairly large tree of 50 cm diameter and approximate height of 30-40 metres, which produces roughly 123 grams or 92 litres of pure oxygen per day, providing the average human with 14% of his or her daily requirement. That means an average human could survive in an air-tight space if it was

co-habited by 7 very large trees.

American FACT - It costs 38 trillion dollars to create oxygen for 6 months for all human beings on Earth.

Trees do it for FREE.

Please also keep in mind that humans are not the only air-consumers on Earth. Besides other wildlife, natural and artificial fires (think internal combustion engine) are major consumers of Oxygen.

Important relationship between Forests and Air

(Fact - we need oxygen from trees to survive and to constantly remain focussed)

According to a recent study the more Trees we're surrounded by, the lower our stress levels.

Trees also provide food, protection and homes for many insects, birds and mammals.

With this in mind, have a look around your home, your regular journeys, your workplaces, children’s play areas and where your family and friends live. Is it a concrete jungle or does it have many plants and trees adorning those areas.

Should there be Trees and Plants everywhere that we frequent?


Does that include ‘House Plants’ in our Homes?


Who should be rectifying and turning our concrete jungles into appropriate life improving Oxygen rich neighbourhoods?

ALL OF US – Together


Please take responsibility of your own actions and make positive changes in your life to prevent any worsening of​ Environmental degradation etc.

There is a very good chance that each one of us may live longer, as a result.

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