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Challenge - Coronavirus - Climate

Updated: May 13, 2020

Coronavirus - a Worldwide pandemic!

Coronavirus is a Worldwide pandemic that is striking down vulnerable people indiscriminately.

Although it is another people killer, isn’t it a reminder that we are NOT indestructible and NOT in total control of our Planet and never will be? We are ALL very Vulnerable!!??

Nature and our, so called ‘man controlled’ Planet Environment is always going to fight back.

There is always ‘two sides to every coin’.

The effect that the virus ‘covid 19’ has already had on our world environment: -

It has drastically slowed down our use of fossil Fuels.

By keeping Cars off the Roads, Planes from the Air and Ships from our Seas,

As a result, it has slowed down the amount of Carbon dioxide and other unwanted gasses being dispelled into the atmosphere.

It has ensured that we ALL treat Hygiene with the respect that it deserves.

(It has identified people who are selfish and only care about themselves).


As a result of our NEW behavioral changes, our Planet is going to be a healthier environment to live on in the future, providing lessons have been learnt.

For the many people that are going to lose their jobs they must NOT look for a similar job but to search their consciences and aim for a ‘environment friendly’ career instead.

Our Planet's Environment and Climate Change are so much more important than an avoidable return to a farcical NORMAL that we had before lock-down.

PRIORITIES need to change, however hard that the CHALLENGE is for us all!!! - #SaveOurPlanet

It is a ‘Wake Up’ call to DO WHAT IS BEST for our ‘Fragile Planet’, to preserve our Planet for future generations.

PLEASE accept the CHALLENGE and do what is best for our Planet.

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