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Climate in Crisis!!

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

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Since August 2018, millions of schoolchildren have joined in many strikes around the World to protest climate inaction and are stepping up the pressure on Country Leaders and Governments.

Young people in the UK have been striking for our Fragile CLIMATE and have called on adults to join them on Friday 20 September as part of a massive Global day of action. No doubt future dates will be planned.

This is not a single generation calling, it’s a calling for all join together, with neighbours, co-workers, friends, family and for as many as possible to go out on to the streets to make their voices heard and make this a turning point in our history.

On September 20th 2019 a Global Climate Strike started a week of global action across the world, with at least 150 Countries and 1,000 Cities taking part.

Campaigning and Strikes are not what people want. It is positive ACTION that needs to be taken, not just to dabble in it, but to make massive Changes in how we all live. Unless ACTION is taken soon, we fear that more Demonstrations and Strikes are very likely to take place, with increased venom.


The Science and Impacts of Climate Change

Scientists have developed an understanding of the earth’s climate system through years of observations. We now know that global warming is the result of greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activity.

Many impacts of climate change are already being detected, including: -

warming of the troposphere (the lower part of the atmosphere)

acidification of the oceans

coral reef bleaching and dying

declining glaciers and sea ice

rising sea levels

seasons changing and extreme weather events becoming more common

slowing of increases to crop productivity


The impacts of climate change are already responsible for killing an estimated 315,000 people every year and damaging ecosystems.


It is Tragic that the massive concerns of Climate Change around the World are not being listened to. The problem is not going away and the later we leave it, the worse outcome is definitely going to happen.

Deadlines do not appear to work, Instant Actions are not popular, but is that what needs to happen to move forward? If we go down the ‘Instant Action Path’ who do we take notice of?

Doing Nothing Is Not An Option!!!!

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