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Every Cloud has a silver lining, or does it?

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

A 2015 view of Queen Charlotte Sound, New Zealand - Ref CZCVSBL1A - from

While 2020 progressed, many people were making a point of saying that the New Year 2021 and beyond had to be better than 2020. This may be true for mankind, but ‘Please’ don’t forget that generally, our ‘Beloved Environment‘ has had a fantastic year and has received a very welcome bump start which has seen many wonderful IMAGE examples of Clean, Fresh, Unpolluted Air and clearly defined scenery outlines. Many open Scenes were able to be seen from a longer distance away and many people were elated that the air quality was noticeably better than it has been for decades. Yes, our Planet has never had it so good, so please don’t knock it. We have to learn by our mistakes and plot a NEW course for the future.

Nature, however, again had the last word and dictated that it was still necessary for us to wear masks, but not for pollution, but because of covid 19.

Yes it was a difficult year for mankind generally, many very sadly died; many families were in deep despair and were dealt further unfair and devastating sets of circumstances to encounter. Our planet‘s human residents had never had to encounter such ‘Hardship’ and ‘severe Worry and Stress’ before. It was totally unprepared for and in the UK, the word ‘Brexit’ was speedily replaced with ‘Coronavirus’ on our lips instead.

On the flip side there were many unforeseen Heroes who were thrust into the limelight.



Please, please consider for a moment the ‘Hardship’ and ‘severe Worry and Stress’ that we force on our undeserving Wildlife and what they have to encounter as a result of our unforgiveable treatment of them and their mandatory Ecosystems.

We must not forget that we cannot continue to abuse our planet and get away with it. There are many active conservationists and scientists that have been warning for many decades that we need to clean up our act and to stop the real possibility of, not only the extinction of our Wildlife, but more importantly ourselves. Mankind!! This is not a threat it is Reality; turning our back on it is not an option. All country Leaders must become proactive in stopping the decline of our land for the feeding our over population, but not at the detriment of the quality of our land and the devastating exception of ECOSYSTEMS, NATURE and WILDLIFE. Passing land over for massed housing does not feed the masses. A middle of the road plan needs to be created to solve all these major problems. It is NOT rocket science and it needs us ALL to work together with the respective scientists, conservationists and land authoritarian professionals, to come up with a workable plan. This plan has to stop the devastating cutting down of millions of Trees and to find ways to prevent and better control Fire management worldwide. A plan needs to work with the many worldwide indigenous tribes and to Listen to their primitive but workable solutions and to compromise intelligently in the cases of discussion deadlock.



Please look to your conscience and make a decision; do we want a Planet without the wonders and beauty of Nature and Wildlife or do we want to stand up for what we are so lucky to have and see around us and Yes it is all Free.

We are so very lucky and we need to accept it and care for it appropriately.

If our Nature and Wildlife becomes Extinct, then so do we!!!


Yes - that must include all our Planet

and ALL our WILDLIFE!!?

Reflection - 2021 is Well under Way and we seem to have a middle of the road approach so far but the UK - Cornwall is hosting the G7 summit in June, in the first meeting of world leaders since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The G7 (Group of Seven) summit will welcome leaders from countries such as Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and this year, even invited leaders from Australia, India and South Korea. - I personally hope that radical Environmental changes and actions will be outlined for immediate ACTION!!

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