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Fight the use of Plastic

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

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The Environmental impact of Plastic is finally receiving the attention it deserves, through many hard hitting films and documentaries, but there is still much work to do and the urgency of action is imperative. Plastic pollution involves the accumulation of plastic products in the environment that adversely affects wildlife, wildlife habitats and human beings, their lives and well-being. (As a result of Marine Plastic Pollution, some Wildlife deaths that have been widely filmed very recently are truly heartbreaking to watch).

Producers of products hold a particular responsibility to avoid the use of plastic in lightweight, single-use applications, that can easily end up in the environment and to ensure that their products are designed for Reuse, Repair or Recycling at the end of life. At the same time they need to prioritise investigations into alternative raw materials to replace plastic completely and as a result, eliminate the Many associated problems.

The items that are causing most problems and/or are being washed up on our beaches worldwide: -

Balloons & Balloon sticks Caps and lids Carrier Bags Cigarette butts with filters

Cotton Bud Sticks Crisp packets & Sweet wrappers Cups Cutlery

Drink Bottles Food Containers & Packaging Fishing related Items

Light weight Shopping Bags Lollipop Sticks Medical waste Packaging

Sanitary Products Cotton Buds Wet Wipes Stirrers Straws

Styrofoam / Expanded Polystyrene Tobacco Pouches

etc etc

While the above Products/Packaging etc are being sold to us consumers; if they are not replaced with a more environmental, sustainable or reusable option, then we need to either purchase an alternative or change our buying options, for the environmental benefit.

We are aware that the alternatives need to be a cost effective option, for both the producer and for us, to make it a viable solution, but to pressure the producers that we will NOT buy inappropriate packaging under any circumstances, has to be the way forward.

Please take responsibility of your own actions and make positive changes in your life to prevent any worsening of​ Environmental degradation etc etc.

The Fight starts NOW.

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