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Help Stop Global Warming.

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

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What you need to know about Climate Change

- and how we can stop it.

Anyone can tell that the weather is getting wilder and affecting us all – from floods in the UK to droughts, storms and sea level rise, displacing millions of the world's poorest people. Climate change is happening now. We must act fast to stop burning coal, oil and gas - fossil fuels that heat the atmosphere. Otherwise, the climate will become too extreme to provide a safe home for billions of people or for our beautiful natural world. Almost every country in the world has committed to limit global warming - by signing the 2015 Paris Agreement. But the world doesn't yet have a plan to reach that goal. Yet there are clear signs of hope. The switch to clean renewable energy is now happening at breathtaking speed. Fossil fuel companies that want to continue to extract more coal, oil and gas are finding that people will no longer tolerate their future being put at risk. A global movement of ordinary people is achieving extraordinary things in the fight to protect our planet. The tide is turning faster than many politicians realise - as more and more people join together to take action.

from Friends of the Earth

Please take responsibility of you own actions and make positive changes in your life to prevent any worsening of​ Environmental degradation etc etc.

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