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It's Our Fault!

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Back in the 1950’s, ‘Sea Gulls’ were so named because, quite simply, ‘they all ate Fish’. Since that time the ‘Clean Air Act’ of 1956 was passed and came into being in the UK and it covered not only ‘Smog’, that hung heavily over Cities, but everything else that was found to be ‘Unbefitting and Smelly’. Soon after Rationing stopped, there was an unexplainable increase in our culture of ‘Waste and Rubbish’ which was systematically burned until the new Act

forbade it.

More recently the Fishing Industry has stopped the inappropriate discarding of waste fish or unwanted fish bits into the Sea, which were picked up and consumed by Gulls and other animals has been stopped and are instead being recycled for garden fertilisers.

The ‘Sea Gulls’ found that the following of Fishing Vessels and hanging around Fish Quays and Markets became less profitable for them and were forced to seek food on Land instead.

Both Locals and Holidaying Tourists found ‘Gulls’ a novelty at first and fed them unwanted scraps. After getting a taste for human food, ‘Fish’ was no longer their staple diet and they inappropriately crave much of our junk food.

At about the same time, from the 1950’s and 1960’s, architects were building many higher buildings with some flat Ledges and Roofs. These Skyscrapers gave the ‘Gulls’ an Urban ‘Cliff’ to rest on and to use for nesting. Since the Clean Air Act had stopped the burning of Waste and Rubbish, numerous Tips appeared around the UK. This also attracted more Birds inland, including ’Gulls’.

Now we are faced with the aftermath of our own stupidity. We have a culture of ‘Out of Control’ Birds that use their ingenuity to steal food from Picnic tables and more regularly, out of our hands and fingers. It is very frightening for both Adults and Children to be physically attacked by these predatory vermin, but a young child’s finger does look remarkably like a juicy ‘chip’. The ‘Bird’ kingdom is a wonderful variety of species that give many human beings a great deal of pleasure, throughout their lives and it is not fair for young children to be frightened of them from a very early age.

Good Advice - We are supposed to be the cleverest Mammals on our Planet, so please try to predict, in an area known to be predated by Gulls and only eat Food under the cover of appropriate roofing, to deter possible Gull attacks.

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