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Realistic Observations

Image NKCGCH3Q - Kristiansand, Norway, Europe Please check out many more Environmental Images from 'Emkay Collection' ​ Educational & Environmental Research Website -

How can we behave NOW to provide our future generations with a safe, relaxed and enjoyable existence ???

Also, what should be our urgent major Environmental decisions??

Suggested Answer : -  For us all to check ALL our daily tasks, very honestly, bearing in mind that nearly all the rumours that we hear from our learned Politicians and Scientists have much more truth related to them than we want to believe.

Yes, our planet is getting warmer, for longer periods of time;

Yes, we are breathing in more inappropriate and polluted Air;

Yes, we are drinking more inappropriate and Polluted Water;

Yes, our planet will have even more Sea than Land;

Yes, we will have very little fertile Land;

Yes, we will have very little habitable Land;

Yes we will have very little wildlife on Land, in the Air or in the Sea;

Yes we will be, at least, waist deep in plastic and/or toxic pollution;

Yes to change our current way of life is going to be more expensive, but it is imperative that we MUST do something POSITIVE NOW.

Without being over dramatic, our wonderful planet is now past it’s ‘Best Before Date’; we are on the wind down to the end of the existence of our planet, as we know it.

Yes, without being over dramatic, we have to accept that in the future the planet could regenerate itself in many different ways, but none of them, we understand, will be anything to look forward to. Our best and only intelligent option is to try our hardest to back track (where possible) and to mend what we can, or at least stop things getting any worse than they are now, but that would mean us ALL pulling together in the same direction. Logistically there are numerous problems, but our mind set has to change

from ‘too much trouble to change’ or ‘I can’t be bothered’  

towe MUST find a way to change’ !!

I would like to think that there would be a place on ‘Earth’  for my great, great, great grandchildren, but unless things change soon, ‘habitable Land’ and ‘fertile Land’ is decreasing very fast and the ‘Worlds’ population is increasing even faster, then logic says that future hope for a satisfactory conclusion, sadly does NOT exist.

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