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Triggers, Lifestyle changes and Environmental Footprint

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

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Many of us have very busy lives and tend to be drawn into an habitual existence that does not allow for any changes in their daily or weekly routines. In this busy life there tends to be no time to research lifestyle changes that can be of benefit to themselves or their families. As a result they are not aware of ways to have more quality time to devote to their family or indeed to also prioritise their thoughts or actions which can better consider their effect on

our fragile environment.

The ‘Triggers’ in our life start from the Alarm Clock ringing at ‘too-early-o’clock’, followed by the bleary-eyed breakfast preparation, then the school and work o’clock travelling pursuits. The day carries on with ‘triggers’ that get us through the day, with most of us unable to get out of this daily circle of chores. Maybe relief can be provided by a day or weekend off, a chance to catch up on some sleep, but this is proved to be very occasional,

especially with very busy families.

It is very difficult to ignore these ‘triggers’ or to predict or to force changes in your lifestyle as there is rarely time to plan ahead, but it is imperative to sometimes plan to break this circle, or our lives become stale and lack enjoyment or fulfilment. Appropriate life choices can be the answers to assist a happy and rewarding family existence and to also improve the relationship with friends and neighbours.


There are many positive environmental benefit choices that we can plan into our

lifestyle changes.

In the UK, it has been a tradition to make ‘New Year Resolutions’ at the onset of the New Year. (Many residents, for example, would vow to lose weight, after the excesses of the previous seasonal feeding frenzy.) This lifestyle change would work for some, but not all, but it was a chance to re-evaluate their lives and try different

positive choices.

There are many ‘Wellness’ clubs and associations that have been created to help generate self belief and to provide new beneficial positive ‘triggers’ for a more healthy life existence. This health ‘trigger’ should also provide a chance to be positive and to get into the habit of checking food labels much more thoroughly, for harmful, fattening or inappropriate ingredients and indeed unnecessary plastic packaging.

A home choice to re-decorate the spare bedroom, for instance, can also be a positive Environmental ‘trigger’; to use building and cosmetic materials, as well as accessories that are NOT made of or contain ‘Plastic’.

A home choice to turn your heating thermostat down a few more degrees, not only will it give you more money to spend, it will be of further benefit to excess ‘Global Warming’, which in turn will prolong life itself on our Planet.

Another home choice which is currently a very serious problem, being debated and discussed worldwide, is to make positive action to refuse the purchase and use of ALL  ‘Single use Plastics’. These products are having devastating effects on wildlife, in particular Marine wildlife.

A home choice, if you have land, back yard or a garden - it is important to use it as a wildlife friendly haven for your indigenous animals and plants, to aid species loss. There are benefits in growing appropriate plants and trees to provide a satisfactory eco system, suitable for the animal food chain in your small part of the planet. It is very important to ensure that you are able to participate in Tree planting schemes in your locality, not only for the mandatory need for the oxygen that they provide, but also to help alleviate the threat of local flooding.

Choosing a Family Holiday is normally full of expectation, excitement and intrigue. It should be a time when you can explore the wonders and beauty of the ‘World about Us’. Making positive choices about holiday destinations should also consider the Environment, but not ignoring the undeveloped and ignored parts of our planet. The balance of being able to help and to not be invasive or unnecessarily judgemental, however, is very important. It would be of immense financial benefits to many worldwide charitable organisations and poor countries to invest in their economy and existence, especially if it was linked to help financing wildlife habitats and wildlife security and to help fight the cruelty and poaching that goes on. (There are also those amongst us that would argue that our environmental footprint would adversely be affected by foreign travel - which is very true. However, knowledge of the plight of the less-well-off nations, when you spend time in their wonderful countries, it is impossible to return home without sincere concern and the priority need to make others aware and to want to also help them and their existence.)

A family choice to instil disciplines about appropriate discarding of rubbish or garbage after a communal picnic or outdoor barbecue is to be encouraged. In fact, it is very common now in many parts of the World to spend some time collecting previously discarded rubbish from public areas to keep countryside’s clean and tidy. Many countries are regularly arranging ‘Beach Cleaning’ dates and local beach Cafe’s and Restaurants are providing hygienic collecting implements and/or rewarding people with a Free or subsidised Tea or Coffee. Hopefully this action will, in small part, help our land Wildlife and Marine life, possibly saving them from a painful death.

There are many other habitual disciplines that we need to make a permanent change to and help others to be part of.  If you sincerely believe that you are making a positive difference for your future and our future generations, please spread the word.

Please take responsibility of you own actions and make positive changes in your life to prevent any worsening of​ Environmental degradation etc etc.

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