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Why become a Vegetarian, Vegan or a Meat Eater???

I have heard a statement recently saying that 'you cannot be an Environmentalist if you eat Meat’', but the people concerned openly admit that they EAT and USE Palm Oil Products, which are the main cause for making Millions of Animals homeless with MANY being killed, at the detriment of their homes. As a result, the Land has become a wilderness of doom where no wildlife can exist for the future…. The ‘Vegan’ philosophy aim is trying to stop meat production worldwide by the removal of Cattle and Goats etc from our Farms, to stop vegetative methane production. However, there are over 150 species and hundreds of thousand vegan animals around the World that are NOT in the food chain processes that are also ‘ruminants’ and also breathe out unwanted methane, so are they going to be culled???

Do they have the RIGHT TO LIFE??

A quote from the Vegan Society says that they aim to ’Prevent the exploitation of animals’. The previous paragraph shows that Veganism has, questionably, very little to do with the ‘love’ for animals, it is just an excuse!

Personally, in the environmental scheme of things, I am NOT saying that being ‘vegan’ is a bad thing, similarly being a ‘vegetarian’ also is not a bad thing. In Fact I am saying that we should ALL immediately REDUCE our Meat diet.

(I understand that there are TRUE Vegan believers out there who laboriously search out WILD/ FRESH produce or check every label for all the ingredients and product source to ensure that they truly know what they eat or spread over their bodies and face etc, in order to stand up for their environmental beliefs – but how many people are truly genuine?) True, honest, unbigoted Vegans are very rare and if they are and remain genuinely healthy ….. I truly admire and congratulate them!

I am a great believer that every issue has exceptions to the rule. The bigoted ideas and theories that you see daily on the news and on social media are ‘Pigeonholing’ the way forward unjustly. Many views are from uneducated people who have been brain washed into believing some of the facts, but do not know or care about all of the facts and the FULL STORY!

For the sincere Planet Lovers out there, FACT - our dietary needs are also very important and many of us need to eat more Vegetables and Fruit, but a well balanced diet also has many Health benefits. For the majority, the step from going from a Meat Eater to becoming Vegan in one go is definitely a 'step too far', but it is more likely to happen over a period of time. Yes, the World Environment does need IMMEDIATE ACTION on Climate change! However, our elderly must also be considered, ‘old habits die hard’ and there is nothing that is going to happen instantly, but in time and with appropriate education, it will help to change views.

We ALL need to honestly review our present Lifestyle and to start to do what is in the best interest of our Planet, above our own needs and to permanently change our Habits appropriately. We need to build many more appropriate thriving Eco-systems and embrace Re-wilding around our wonderful Planet to regenerate the fantastic biodiversity of life and Nature that many of us have grown up with and marvelled at.

The way I see it, we can all seriously do our 'bit'; to do what is best for our Planet, by working together instead of insulting uncaring people, governments and organisations for their views and habits and for us to get on with it; to appropriately make the Planet and its Environment work for us instead of it working against us.

Doing NOTHING is NOT an Option.

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