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What is 'NORMAL' ?

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

The Image is an aerial photograph of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia (MHVRWL2T) from -  ‘Emkay Collection’    -
Image of Bruges, West Flanders, Belgium (BBRMPCPA2C) from - ‘Emkay Collection’ -

Everyone that you communicate with are using the phrase ’when we get back to NORMAL’.

So what is ‘NORMAL’?

Are we happy with the ‘NORMAL’ that we had before the covid 19 pandemic took hold or do we want and deserve a different ‘NORMAL’?

Personally, I do not want a ‘NORMAL’ that we had before: I would be very pleased to have a ‘NORMAL’ that was maintaining a much better Climate balance, that was improving the quality of our Planet and our very existence. An improvement in the Environment that we live in, an Environment that will safeguard Nature, Wildlife and ourselves and will guarantee that the breathable air is no longer killing our brains, due to the lack of appropriate amounts of Oxygen. Also for a future that is not being Polluted and clogged up with masses and masses of waste and discarded refuse.

Do we deserve an improvement in our ‘NORMAL’? If we continue down the path that we were on without deviation, we deserve a ‘dying Planet’ with no hope for our future generations.

This is a simplistic assessment of the choice that we have, if we are to have a future. During the pandemic, many ‘Challenges’ have been put before us and we have had to priority problem solve.

We also need to priority problem solve our way out of the pandemic, but in a way that we prevent having to cope with a future similar pandemic. We have had a ‘WAKE UP’ call to repair our Planet and to make changes to our future existence and how we move forward appropriately.

We are going through very hard times, but what has become of our Planet during these disciplines that we have had to endure? : -

Our Streets have very little traffic.

Our Seas have less sea travel.

Our Sky has very few Planes.

Many people are working from Home.

We are all learning to work together towards the ‘common good’.

We are taking notice of our Politicians / Scientists.

As a RESULT, we already have a better Planet than we had before covid 19, hit home. We now have a ‘NEW NORMAL’, a New starting off point for a NEWER BETTER PLANET.

Let us embrace a NEW CHALLENGE, to start, at the least, with a ‘middle of the road’ approach, but Please NOT, under any circumstances, to go backwards to our OLD NORMAL!!!!!

*** Please - Please - Please ***

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