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What will SPRING UK 2020 be remembered for in the Future?

Please Note - none of these Images were taken in China.

It is absolutely amazing exactly what our beloved NHS has done and achieved since the outbreak of Corona virus in the UK, a short time ago. The workers have coped and survived indescribable trials, torment and tribulations and are still seen to smile through their tears.

There has been tragic loss of life and there are many real heroes who have risen to the surface, both in the NHS and outside, who have created amazing and wonderful achievements. I salute them all, including the many Volunteers that have willingly given their time for the benefit of us all. We must all be very proud of our NHS and our wonderful country.


However, we must not forget that the cause of Covid 19 was brought on by humans due to our "absolute disrespect" for the world around us. Wildlife specialists say that history has taught us that viruses can be transmitted between animals and people so, in a way, we've allowed this to happen. It is reliably known to be linked with the wet markets in Wuhan, China. Wet markets sell meats and fish and fresh produce as opposed to dry markets that would sell household goods and supplies. In China wet markets also cut up wildlife and this is sold for food and for dubious medicinal and/or cosmetic purposes. Bats sold at these markets have been named as the likely origin of the Covid-19 corona virus and it equally may have escaped the laboratory environment or have been purposely released.


What concerns me is what is going to be flagged up of our current predicament, historically. I suspect our NHS will, rightly, get all the praise, clouding over Man’s inability to Love and Respect our Planet adequately to allow such GREED, SELFISHNESS, VANITY and STUPIDITY to create our current appalling intolerable situation.

Such a pandemic MUST make us sit up and think about our PAST inappropriate actions. We all have to, in part, accept responsibility and we MUST ALL work together to CLEAN up our Act, unless we want this all to happen again with, maybe a More Serious outcome!!


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