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When is the deadline to combat 'Climate Change'..?

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Frightening Image showing our Past and FUTURE..!
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Truthful Answer - It was Last Century!

Every action that we take now is NOT going to stop the inevitable happening, just delaying it, but nevertheless unless we ALL work together to aim for the 'later' not the 'sooner', our life expectancy will be greatly reduced.

(Sorry to spread 'doom and gloom', but the situation can no longer be solved by long term planning, it needs INSTANT Action).


The Science and Impacts of climate change

Scientists have developed an understanding of the earth’s climate system through years of observations. We now know that global warming is the result of greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activity.

Many impacts of climate change are already being detected, including: -

warming of the troposphere (the lower part of the atmosphere)

acidification of the oceans

coral reef bleaching and dying

declining glaciers and sea ice

rising sea levels

seasons changing and extreme weather events becoming more common

slowing of increases to crop productivity

The impacts of climate change are already responsible for killing an estimated 315,000 people every year and damaging ecosystems.

This is just the beginning – the science predicts that anything more than 2°C rise in global temperatures puts us on the road to potentially catastrophic problems. There will be more flooding, more drought, more disease, more famine and more war, creating hundreds of millions of refugees and causing the destruction of entire ecosystems and species.

Is there a gap between public understandings of the threat of climate change and current climate action?

If so, what are the barriers to this and how can they be overcome?

Do Country Leaders and Governments need to do more and are their deadlines realistic????

YES - much, much more and ALL deadlines need to be drastically brought forward in order to delay the

demise of our delicate Planet.

VERY SAD - The window of opportunity to create a sustainable world, one in which people everywhere can lead long and fulfilling lives on a healthy planet,

seems narrower than ever before. 

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