• Mervyn

Who are we & where are we going?

Have you ever seriously thought about the Human Body, how perfect it is, how all the organs and limbs work together, how incredible the total body interaction is? How the challenges that our body are set and that we have the power to easily achieve them. Have you thought why some parts can regenerate and others can’t. Have you considered how complex the physical interaction of a relationship between men and women is, also the wonder of

reproduction and childbirth.

FACT - The body is a masterpiece of engineering.

Nature is also a perfect mixture of all live interactions, including wildlife, fungi and plant-life. We do not realise it, but we are very lucky to have the power to play about with ecosystems. Unfortunately us playing with Eco-systems is a MAJOR problem. It is giving mankind an opportunity to play with NATURE. We shouldn’t have that power, we are not trained in how it all works and most people just do not care.

At some time in our busy lives we need to soul search and to accept the guilt for a major decline in our Planet’s existence. The Planet is becoming a junk heap for our greed and stupidity. It can never be the same again, Pollution is everywhere. We HEAR sound pollution; we SEE actual pollution from around the World, we all FEEL single use plastics etc, instead of refusing to buy or use them, we all TASTE, every day, micro plastics etc, without knowing or caring about it, we SMELL the terrible results of pollution, but above all we allow it all to happen and to continue to happen!!!

We all TREAD or NAVIGATE our daily lives and existence across land, sea and air, without a thought for the best interest of our Planet.


I am certainly not perfect either. I make a stand on many aspects of conservation and try very hard to practice what I preach. I do have a ‘CONSCIENCE’, even though I cannot guarantee that I will never drive a Car again. I cannot guarantee that I will never travel the Seas again or to never Fly to another country.

I cannot guarantee that I will never eat meat again or to dispel an insect or rodent from my personal home space, but we all have to be realistic.

We ALL need to consider our Planet a lot more than we do at the moment, so PLEASE go out of your way to be an Inspirational influence on our respective families & friends and please LOVE our World and CARE appropriately about ‘Our Fragile Planet’.!!!


so PLEASE help to Support our Planet.

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