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World Earth Day 50th Anniversary ++

Updated: Feb 12

When was World Earth Day? - 50th Year Anniversary - April 22nd 2020,

but 'World Earth Day' is held on April 22 - the same date EVERY YEAR.

What is World Earth Day about?

Earth Day was first launched in 1970 as a way to teach all about our environment and to protest against the negative aspects of industrialisation, set against the backdrop of rising public concern about the environment; World Earth Day soon grew to become a global environmental movement.

More than a billion people worldwide now take part in marches, petitions and clean ups to protect the environment - making it the largest civic observance in the world.

People all around the world are encouraged to do things to benefit the environment, from recycling and planting trees to reducing our carbon footprints.

However, this year was slightly different with people encouraged to protest virtually, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. It means the 50th anniversary of the day will be the first ever Digital Earth Day, in which participants are encouraged to share #EarthDay2020 in a collective call for transformative action for our planet.

Please consider our next steps in moving forwards, steps that will not take us back to the many environmental problems that we had before the world wide lock-down, including the highly believed reason for the causes of the virus.

During lock-down we currently have a much better Planet already. We have so much less POLLUTION, both in the Air, the Rivers and Seas; we have seen the wonderful worldwide Images to back it up on the News and Social Media. Let us also tackle Plastics and all other major environmental problems that we have.

But, instead of blindly moving on, let us learn from our Mistakes, consider the Planet above Monetary Profit, Selfishness and Greed and TOGETHER build a Better Planet to live on, one that will last for many generations to come, but we need to ACT NOW.

Just because it is no longer 'World Earth Day' and the 50th anniversary has gone, it should not make any difference to our Positive Actions.

We should be passionate enough to keep the impetus active and increasing year on year Continually to stop the tide of decay and degradation progressing.


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