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'Our Fragile Planet' is an exclusive platform designed to promote Awareness, Education and to invite appropriate ideas and possible solutions to protect and to, where possible, correct the balances of our FRAGILE Worldwide Environment. 

Our wonderful  'World about Us'

We are very lucky to have a wonderful Planet and we are keen to show many images from around the World, which emphasise some wonderful countryside views that deserve to be shown. You will find descriptions of each image, using the image reference, adjacent to each photograph on the Educational Research Website - 'Emkay Collection'  - 


We have made every effort to ensure that all information that we pass on to our readers is totally accurate, so in some cases the 'Blogs' are using research compiled by experts in different fields. We appreciate that organisations that specialise in their own field are much more likely to have the credibility that we strive to achieve in imparting information.

If, however, you consider that there are discrepancies that you know need alteration, please do not hesitate to inform us, as we appreciate your interest and support.


We welcome knowledgeable experts in their various Environmental fields to add appropriate

informative Blogs to our website - please contact by E-mail


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'How we use' and 'our expectations' from Social Media : -

'Environmental Chatroom' on Social Media is the mouthpiece for our Website, where we encourage many current Environmental Organisations to join us, to inform and exchange true facts, theories and any other appropriate information, which can help, where possible and may even provide a solution to any given environmental problem.

We also invite people from around the World that truly care about their Environment to join us on Social Media and to inform us of their

worries and concerns.

We also invite Worldwide decision making organisations to join us in the capacity to have an open mind to the ‘change for the good’ to help and improve our planet.

(We do not invite narrow minded and selfish people or organisations that are using our beloved planet for their own financial benefits and gains. We consider that they are destabilising the ecological balance of our World, at the detriment of

Human life, Plant life and Animal life.)

As these topics can create much emotion and passion, on Social Media we encourage all users to make their point without using threats, bad language or unsociable behaviour. All conversations must at all times be respectful, in ’English’ language only and we do not intend to entertain or consider any

unsubstantiated claims.

Please become a 💚 'Planet Guardian'💚🌳🦏👕🥦🙋‍♂️🦚🐛🍏💙🐟 immediately; someone who sincerely cares about Planet Earth 'Our Fragile Planet' and fully intends to do what they can to follow educated advice to change their way of life to benefit the Planet's needs above their own!!

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